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The Vision

In 2016, while attending a workshops at the national conference of the Fathers and Family Coalition of American (FFCA) in Los Angeles, California, I was hearing what great things were taking place across the United States concerning Fathers. I began to wonder and ask myself “What could we do at the local level to impact Fathers and Families.”

Much of my background has been centered on education. I began to wonder what would happen if dads were directly involved in the educational process of other fathers improving their own educational levels, as well as, fathers becoming directly involved in their children’s education. Asking the question,
“What if the fathers in local communities began raising funds for scholarships for other fathers and their children. What if dads came alongside other fathers to encourage, and support them to become actively engaged in education”.

Fathers helping fathers, and fathers helping families through the vehicle of scholarships for educational success. Connecting fathers at the local community level to impact their families for years to come.

I thank FFCA for providing forums, conferences, discussions and professional development to strengthen us in this area. Fathers for Scholars Inc. is birthed out of this inspiration, and asking, “What could we do at the local level”.

Frederick Browning,
President / CEO